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11:11 am: Dreams
I dreamed last night that I was walking through a wild and beautiful garden.

I was just vaguely lucid enough at the back of my mind to be aware that it is September but in the dream garden it was springtime. Spring flowers were growing in the grass and I walked through clouds of butterflies. Shoots grew up between the flagstones growing to their full height within seconds and blossomed into orchids.

I walked into another cloud of what I thought were more butterflies but as they fell around me I realised that it was raining sunglasses. At first they were tiny sunglasses that would fit dolls but as the shower got heavier, normal sized sunglasses fell. I caught a few thinking they might be useful but the lenses were scratched. As I didn't want the sunglasses I took refuge from them falling on me in a large hall.

The hall had about a thousand or so children about 8 or 9 years old inside. They were studying their school lessons and I helped some of them with their work. Then the children started making fancy dress costumes. I helped some of them with the making of the costumes, and other children would wander across to show off their costumes and be admired. The children queued up and walked out of the back of the hall to go to their fancy dress party.

I followed them out but instead of going to the building where the party was, I walked down the field to join Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. We sat on the grass and gossiped for a while and then walked round the outside of some circus tents.....

Thats as far as I remember.

It was a very happy feeling dream. (In case you've lived on a South Sea island for the past five years or you don't like sci-fi/fantasy Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant are both actors who are famous for playing the role of a time travelling alien called The Doctor, in the series Doctor Who. In my dream it was the actors I gossiped with, not the character they played.)

Talking of dreams I remember a recurring dream I had for a few years, starting when I was about 5.

In that dream I was at a birthday party in a church and when the other children came in carrying presents, they all had lit candles instead of heads.

The spell checker is whinging at me for misspelling realised and travelling. I am sorry L J spell checker, I am English not American and I will continue to use English spelling.

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