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07:25 pm: Flash Fiction Reviews!
On Twitter there is a tradition of authors writing very short stories or vignettes (known as Flash fiction) and on Friday's posting links to them on twitter with the hashtag #FridayFlash

I am an addictive and compulsive reader of.... anything written with words. I think many of these #FridayFlash pieces are deserving of more than a one day *flash* of recognition.

So here are three #FlashReviews I wrote just before Christmas.

#FridayFlash: Where there be dragons
“Where there be dragons” is written by Ganymeder who claims to be a chocoholic, and this is a sweet and witty story.
A cynical hunter who chooses not to believe in magic is taught to regret his unbelief.
Then Ganemeder shows you a touch of their own magic, because once you think you have read the funny sting in the tail, you are handed another one. Its a very neat double beat.
You can find “Where there be dragons” at http://www.therussellfamily.org/~cathy/?p=658
You can also follow @ganymeder on twitter

#FridayFlash: Time's Arrow
“Time's Arrow” is written by Tony Noland, who deftly puts us behind the eyes of someone who is not quite human.
The contrast of the differing time perceptions between the protagonist and the army he faces is nicely presented.
The cold triage analysis of who to allow to live to spread the legend is a chilling insight into the mind of a killer.
But he has made these decisions before...
The writing in “Time's Arrow” comes across as cool and detached which may not be to everyone's taste, but that is probably a reflection of the cold and ruthless character being written about. We are being given a small snapshot into the world of a sword and sorcery epic, and it intrigues. Other parts of an epic tale could have the characters you are meant to love. What we are given here is more along the lines of a pre-credits action scene, and it is very well done.
You can find “Time's Arrow” at http://www.tonynoland.com/2009/12/fridayflash-times-arrow.html
You can also follow @TonyNoland on twitter.

#FridayFlash: Fishing With Dad

“Fishing with Dad” is written by J M Strother

“Fishing with Dad” is a nice little personality piece. A father's expectations, a son's sulky disappointment at plans overruled. The family dynamics will be familiar to many and are classically set up.

The sly and funny ending will make you both smile and flinch, but also works well in painting the characters, you can see the possibilities for change it brings to the relationship.

You can find “Fishing with Dad” at http://jmstrother.com/MadUtopia/?p=410

You can also follow @jmstro on twitter


Date:January 5th, 2010 10:59 pm (UTC)


What a nice surprise. Thanks so much for the nice reviews.
~jon (jmstro)
Date:January 5th, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC)

Where there be Dragons review

Thank you so much for the review. I really appreciate it.

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